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Grade 2 Halloween Performance

October 30, 2014
By Mrs. Hardy

Second graders had a spooktacular time at their annual Halloween performance.  It was a great show with lots of singing, dancing, acting, and reciting Halloween poems.  Students even performed a Halloween song in Mandarin and sang Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in Spanish.  Happy Halloween!

Tennis Elective

October 28, 2014
By Mr. Hardy

SMASH IT!  STAY ON YOUR TOES! …are some common phrases heard during the exciting tennis elective.  Middle School students have been working up a sweat on the court with several activities and games.  Every student has improved!  All of this couldn’t be possible without Ms. Klimp, who is also out there showing off her moves!  Here is a picture of some students running a drill and Grayson, who won consecutive games!

Peer Teaching in P.E.

October 21, 2014
By Mrs. Mac

Fourth grade students teach each other breaststroke during Physical Education in the pool. Peer teaching allows students to practice communication, leadership, problem solving, and compassion.

Website Content Filter at Home

October 16, 2014
By Mr. Sato

In response to a wonderful presentation at the October Parent Association Meeting by Captain Keith Kauffman, a question was asked by a parent that morning on how to safeguard children while at home as they browse websites.

I suggested two products, both of which come from a company called OpenDNS.  This company has a wonderful free home product that filters website content within a single site through its internet connection.  This means that any device connected through that specific gateway using OpenDNS will have categorical and specific blocks on sites based on their content.  The user decides what categories or specific sites are blocked.

The second product is also by OpenDNS and it is called Umbrella.  Originally only available for business accounts there is now an Umbrella Prosumer option.  This product, when loaded onto most devices (Windows, Mac OSX or an iOS device), will apply the same filters available to the free home product mentioned above regardless of what internet connection the device is using.  This means you can protect your children whether they are at your house, a friend’s house, a coffee shop or even on mobile data.

SC Magazine recently called OpenDNS “one of the most powerful network security tools available” -

Free Home Product:

Umbrella ($20.00 per user/per year):

Scroll down below the packages and select show more, click Buy Now.  This will take you to a sign up page where you must provide some basic information before proceeding to select the Umbrella product and purchase if desired.


When installing the Umbrealla App on an IOS device you will want to prevent the removal of apps by enforcing restrictions, see this apple tutorial for reference.

Teacher Profile: Ms. Shobert

October 13, 2014
By Ms. Tashiro

Teacher Profile: Ms. Shobert, Middle School History

Rolling Hills Country Day School prides itself on its exceptional educators. This video highlights the teaching of Ms. Shobert and how she instills critical thinking, problem solving, and strong communication skills in the classroom.

video created by Wandering Study


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Student Quote of the Week

I like to go to the Science Lab during recess. You always learn new things, and there are lots of animals.

~Grade 1 Student