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First Grade Experiences Brazilian Culture on Field Trip

May 9, 2016
By Mrs. Wilson

After spending the last few months learning about Brazil and the Amazon Rain Forest, the first grade was lucky enough to experience Brazilian culture first-hand.  We had lunch at Pampas Grill, where we sampled traditional Brazilian food.  Then we traveled to the Brasil Brasil Cultural Center to learn Capoeira.  Capoeira is a martial art form disguised as a dance.  We not only learned more about the Brazilian culture, we had a blast doing it!! 

Cooking Elective Creates Rainbow Bagels

May 6, 2016
By Mrs. Mishra

Students in the Middle School Cooking Elective cooked rainbow colored bagels with funfetti cream cheese. It was a fun experience for students to mix the dough and food coloring. Each student had an exciting opportunity to pick a color and blend it with another, if they wanted to. The procedure was easy: flatten each piece of dough to pancake size, stack them, slice them into long strips, roll them, egg wash, bake and the best part...? Enjoy the bagels smeared with cream cheese sprinkles. Sounds yummy...try it!

Bird Reports in Third Grade

May 3, 2016
By Mrs. Mangus

Third Graders recently finished writing their first research report on birds. As part of our Information Writing Unit, each student chose a bird to research. During their research, students learned about the bird's physical characteristics, habitat, caring for young, hunting and feeding habits, and many other interesting facts. Each student typed their report and presented them with title pages and a bibliography at the Bird Report Showcase. 

Pi Day

April 27, 2016
By Mrs. Harlow

On Pi (π) Day, also known as March 14, Middle School math classes participated in schoolwide Pi-oriented activities. The sixth grade and seventh grade classes practiced teamwork, as they, using twine and yardsticks, measured the circumference and diameter of the center circle on our basketball court. Next, they plugged their measurements into the formula, C / D  = Pi (π), in an effort to “prove” Pi. In eighth grade, students shared their own Pi-based activities, posters and presentations. Afterwards, they all celebrated the day by enjoying some tasty, circular treats and watching a three minute and fourteen second video about the origins of Pi.


MathCounts Competition

March 24, 2016
By Mrs. McAlevey

Recently 10 of our Middle School students competed in a nationwide math competition called Mathcounts. The competition took place on Friday, February 26, at the Northrup Grumman aerospace engineering facility in Redondo Beach. This was the largest regional Mathcounts competition in the country. We competed against 200 other middle school students, from schools all over the South Bay and Santa Monica region. The competition was very challenging, but our students worked very well together as a team. Out of the 21 schools competing, all with rigorous math programs, we ranked 5th overall. Our Country Day team was also honored at the competition for placing first in their division. The day was a fun and rewarding experience for our students, who should be very proud of their hard work and achievement.


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