GE_Visits_RHCDS_01Today Google visited RHCDS and brought three sets of their Expeditions program.  This program allows teachers to take students on a fully immersive, 360 degree tour of notable places.  It integrates 30 mobile devices within individual cardboard sleeves, all connected to a dedicated router and teacher device.  The entire system is self contained, requires no internet access and gives the teacher full control to start, stop, move, direct and relocate their students in real time within a virtual reality space.

As an example, teachers teaching about Jane Goodall can supplement their lesson with a virtual reality tour of the Gombe National Park in Tanzania.  In addition to 360 degree imagery there is supplemental information detailing the research locations, the chimpanzees and the 54 years of research she completed.

This is just one of the many possibilities Google Expeditions brings to the education space and we’re excited to be one of the first pioneer schools to preview and provide feedback to Google about the experience.

Mr. Sato

More program details can be found here: