This year is a big election year and Country Day students participated in their own school-wide Mock Election.

Students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 voted for President of the United States –  Secretary Clinton versus Mr. Trump.  Emphasis was placed on their own individual choice and keeping their decision to themselves while respecting others’ opinions.

Grade 8 students were in charge of the polling place where each student had to register to receive a ballot. Once they cast their vote, they were placed into ballot boxes. All votes were tallied and the winner was announced at Monday morning flag ceremony.

Based on the outcome of the Middle School votes, this will be reflected in the tax plan for all Middle School Economic classes.

In addition to the school-wide election, Grade 2 students had a “Candy Election”.  They had Chocolate Candy versus Hard Candy primaries, then the finalists – Hi Chew versus Kit Kat. Students prepared their campaign speeches and designed their own publicity poster boards. Each group tried to persuade their audience (their classmates) why they should vote for their particular candy. And the winner was Hi-Chew.