“The Aswan High Dam was built in the 1960’s on what African River?”

This was the final question asked during the 11th Annual Geography Bee at RHCDS.

The Middle School history teachers conducted seven rounds of questions in their classes. Each student answered a different question. After the seven rounds, the top students in each grade advanced to the finals. This year we had three from 6th grade, three from 7th grade and four from 8th grade.

The geography bee consisted of questions about world cities, countries, oceans, and the United States. Congratulations to a 6th grade student for becoming the school champion! Another 6th grader placed second and an 8th grader placed third.

The school champion’s next step is to take a seventy question multiple choice test. The results are submitted and the top 100 test scores in California will compete in Sacramento at the end of March. The winner of the state competition then goes to the final competition in Washington D.C. in May. It is televised and hosted by Alex Trebek of Jeopardy.

The answer to the above question is, the Nile River.