The Middle School students had a presentation on Online Safety by Detective Jenna Wolfinger of the Redondo Beach Police Department.

Detective Wolfinger discussed several of the popular social media sites and online games such as Snapchat, Instagram,, and Overwatch. She had an open discussion with the students to find out what they liked about these sites and games, but also strongly emphasized the dangers of using them. She gave several suggestions on how to protect themselves such as keeping your Instagram account private, being careful when using Geotags, and asking the questions, “Do you know everyone that follows you? Who are you following? Do you really know them?”

Det. Wolfinger made several recommendations.  She said to always ask yourself before you post anything, “Is this something that your parents would approve of?”  She also emphasized  remembering who your audience is.  She showed the students an actual job application and informed them that colleges and future employers can check your activity on social media sites and conduct an internet search to find out more about you.

Many thanks to Detective Wolfinger for visiting our school and reminding the students how to stay safe on the internet.