Each year, RHCDS Middle School students in Grades 6-8 have the opportunity to audition for the annual winter musical.  Auditions start the first week of school in early September.  This year Shrek was selected as the musical production.

Several middle school teachers work with the cast and crew running lines, supervising music, choreography, and backstage wrangling.  Students do everything for the production including prop and backdrop creation, hanging and focusing lights, running lights and sound, executing scenery changes during the performance, as well as all the acting!  Rehearsal is typically two and a half hours a week over several months. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to try something new.

Shrek was performed in front of both Lower and Middle School students and there were two evening performances for families and friends.

Bravo and congratulations to the cast and crew for a wonderful performance!

As they say in Shrek, “let your freak flag fly” and never forget that we live in a “big bright beautiful world”.