1st Grade:
2nd Place: Emmy Kaneshiro – Which liquid will gummy bears grow the biggest in?
1st Place: Emmett Hoffman – Which chemical combination used for fuel will launch the rocket highest?

2nd Grade:
2nd Place: Malia Holman – Which mineral makes the largest crystal?
1st Place: Maksim Yin – What angle should I hit a ball to drive the longest home run?

3rd Grade:
2nd Place: Ioanna Kotrotsos – Which type of hand sanitizer will work better at fighting germs? Alcohol-based sanitizers or alcohol-free?
1st Place: Suri Acharya – How does radiation effect plant growth?

4th Grade:
2nd Place: Mimi Danial – What material moves heat the best?
1st Place: Yunji Kim – Does smell effect taste?

5th Grade:
2nd Place: Grant Wroan – Is it worth an extra $1.60 to buy a C6-5 rocket engine over an A8-3 Rocket engine?
1st Place: Hans Zhang – Which rocket parachute will let the rocket down slower?

Grand Champion:
Jonathan Yook – Which liquid will rot your teeth the most?