We have two children at the lower (elementary) school at Rolling Hills Country Day and we feel so fortunate to have found such a supportive, well-rounded, and academically strong environment for our kids to grow. Our kids look forward to going to school each day.

The academic curriculum is carefully thought out, well executed, and typically more advanced than what you might see in other schools. Most of the teachers at the school have been there for many years, which speaks to the quality of the school and the value that the administration places on the teachers, and they are some of the best teachers we have ever observed. In addition to their regular classroom teachers, our kids get to benefit every week from classes with specialty teachers in art, computer, Spanish, Mandarin, etc. Our kids enjoy this the most because it makes every day different and interesting, they love the additional skills they are learning, and the specialty teachers are so enthusiastic about the subjects they teach.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, we love Rolling Hills Country Day because of the character and citizenship that it is teaching our children. In the lower grades, the kids are paired with “buddies” in the older grades. They meet with these buddies periodically throughout the year, but also play with them informally before school and at recess. We have been so impressed by the kindness and maturity that these buddies have shown our kids, and the kids look up to their buddies and are learning a lot about mentorship from them. Through the buddy program, community service projects, and many other opportunities, Rolling Hills Country Day is teaching our kids how to lead with character and kindness and we are so grateful to be part of this special school community.