RHCDS is a great school. They concentrate on the whole child. The way I’ve seen that translate in my experience, has been that there is a major focus on studies and character. I have two daughters that have been to RHCDS. One is recently graduated. The other has been there since K and is now in 7th. Our family liked the overall philosophy of the school and bought in straight away. It’s all about the kids and helping them evolve into good, intelligent human beings. Public speaking is something that gets special attention early on and continues to progress from Kindergarten through 8th grade. By the time the kids graduate, they are well versed in being up, speaking, in front of large groups. Yes, there is homework. Yes, the tests are challenging. There is also a lot of camaraderie and connections that are made that our families finds invaluable. For example, on any given day, there may be a soccer match being played on the field, and a volleyball game being played on the court. Families, teachers, administration are about rooting on the kids. But you will also find playground staff and cleaning crew rooting as well alongside everyone else. For me, that moment sums up our experience at RHCDS: a genuine sense of caring from the top down. It was one of those decisions that we reflect on and know that we would do it all over again in a second.