The environment at RHCDS is one where children are challenged, loved, understood, encouraged and held accountable. So often, some or the other of these characteristics are achieved while having to abandon others (i.e. rigorous curriculum lacks empathetic instructors, or else kind teachers lack a challenging curriculum). Also, sometimes smaller schools have the desired teacher:student ratio yet are unable to provide social/sport/extracurricular opportunity due to limitations based on size/enrollment. This school is truly the best of both worlds. We have friends in public and private schools in the South Bay and just based on our own tours and conversations paired with stories from our friends, we truly believe this school is the best. The middle school English/lit, science, and math programs are impressive. My son has arguably the best math teacher he might ever have in his schooling; she’s amazing. The middle school English/Lit department is losing their legend this year to retirement, but her replacement is working alongside her this entire year and the transition is beyond promising. They are both amazing educators who are truly invested in their students. And science… it’s a challenge for my son but one that he loves nonetheless. The science teacher’s doors are open early every morning for anyone wanting extra study time or help. As for sports and extracurriculars, there’s something for everyone. I love the option of after school sports as it allows for more time with school friends and less time running our kids around to various locations. There’s also plenty of opportunity for kids to participate in other passions: science, history, art, drama, leadership, etc as opportunities for math bowl, geography, and electives make this possible. This is an AMAZING school. Administrators, teachers and students have been so welcoming to our family. I encourage you to tour and see for yourself!