I cannot say enough of this amazing school! I have a unique perspective as I am a parent here as well as a teacher of 18 years (at a public school). When I was given a tour four years ago, I knew what questions to ask regarding the curriculum and was impressed by the rigor, the class sizes, and the feel of community. So I decided to make the investment and move my son from a nearby public school to Rolling Hills Country Day School. One of the reasons was my son was diagnosed with moderate ADD and I knew he needed more personal attention and would thrive in a smaller school setting. It was the best decision! I do admit it took him a few months to get acclimated due to the academic rigor because the standards were different at his previous school.

However, I loved it so much that a year later, I transferred my daughter there and now my third child attends RHCDS! I wish my kids could personally write a review. They absolutely love their school. They are eager to get to school early to play on the field before class! This school offers them a place where they feel safe and genuinely cared for. They not only have the academic rigor that in today’s society is imperative, but they also prioritize in teaching values. Be a kind human is their motto and they definitely instill this on a daily basis. Learning and living by these values is what a child needs to thrive and be happy so they can focus in school.

My son is now in middle school (upper school) and I know he will no doubt be prepared for any top rated high school. They focus on giving back to the community, character/values, teach independence, all the while really preparing these kids for high school. This school truly offers a fine balance. They have specialized teachers for various subjects, including technology. They also focus on presentation skills and even my little 7 year old has presented in front of the lower school! This is such an important communication skill that is disregarded in many elementary schools.

I have also made amazing friends at RHCDS and I truly feel I am part of a family, or small community, even though I am a working mom and am not able to be there as much as I would like. I know my kids are cared for, safe, happy, challenged academically, and taught the same values that I teach at home. RHCDS is truly one of a kind and am so grateful to be a part of it.